Powder Coated Horse Corral Panels With Round Legs For Sale

Horse Corral Panels With Round Legs For Sale

This galvanized powder coated horse corral panels is also called horse panels, corral panels, horse fence panels, horse corral panels,  and corral fence panels. When customers order by size, it can be named 10 ft corral panels, 12 ft corral panels, 12 ft horse panels, 16 ft horse panels, 16 ft corral panels, 12 foot round pen panels,etc. 

Now we will tell you how to find your reliable horse corral panels China supplier with better prices.

1. Horse Corral Panels With Round Legs

Before deciding to purchase the horse corral panels from China suppliers, you should know what kind of panels should be suitable.

√  Height: 5 ft., 62’’, 72”

√  Width: 10ft, 12 ft, 16ft

√  Number of Bars: 6

√  Steel Tube: 2 in. or 1-3/4 in. diameter round tubing with superior continuous welded saddle joints with two vertical “Z” braces for added stability

√  Tube Gauge: 16 ga., 19 ga., 20ga.

√  Gate Latch: Quick pin latch with the u-supports system to make assembling multiple panels easier

√  Legs: Loop legs prevent each panel from sinking into moist or soft soils.

√  Finish: Powder-coated red, gray, green color to provide longer field life and resist corrosion

12ft 6 bar red metal corral panels with 2 braces
Horse Corral Panels

2. Popular Size of Horse Corral Panels With Round Legs

a drawing of corral panel with round leg and one vertical brace
1. 2" Rounded Corner Heavy Duty Corral Panel 16 Gauge 10FT x 62" Tall 6 Rails
12ft 6 bar red metal corral panels with 2 braces
2. 12 Ft. 6-Bar Red Tube Corral Panel, 1-3/4 In. Round With Two Vertical "Z" Braces
10ft gray color best corral panels with two braces
3. Corral Panel 10 ft. 6-Bar, round tube, 1-3/4" O.D. round 60" high with vertical "Z" braces
a drawing of red color corral panels with three brace and two round legs
4. Corral Panel, 6-Bar, Heavy-Duty, 50 in. Or 62 in.tall x 16 ft with Four Vertical "Z" braces

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